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US Education: Future is Bright

December 19, 2007

By Kamala Sarup

In the US, the educational system is highly organized, respected and therefore, more influenced by educated people in small communities. This means that school districts have lots of influence on what is taught in US secondary schools. In all parts of the US, but particularly in states like Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, and Iowa, most of these adults believe, more or less, in the literal interpretation of the Bible, just as most of their forefathers did. They teach it in the churches and Sunday Schools. They see the public secondary school teaching of the Biblical beliefs in children.U.S. 8th graders score average or above average in math and science on international tests.

Math and science teachings in U.S. colleges is good. Having taken hundreds of courses in a variety of colleges ranging from community colleges to ivy league grad schools, I can count on “good” teachers. The teaching becomes progressively better, I think, as one moves into more senior courses.  Because of increasing math and science achievement in high schools and colleges, US competitiveness in the globalized economy may be expected to progress.

“I don’t countenance more administrative burdens on high school teachers, which detract from teaching, but I think that the standardization of curricula is beneficial to US High school teaching. Theretofore, teachers taught what they wanted, when they wanted, If they wanted. The standardized tests bring focus to the math and science curricula and promote higher teaching ability in high school teaching and administration and comparisons of teaching quality can be made. This system is called competition and accountability. I like that because it has improved the quality of High School education,” says an educator Pieniaszek.

He further argued, “Because what US makes up in quality; that is, given a large population, it pushes 50% of the High School students into college and a few exceptional students become high achievers.”

Even on the other hand, the schooling in the underdeveloped countries becomes better, as it is in many of them, the students in those countries will become better scientists, engineers, programmers, and mathematicians. The teaching in most underdeveloped countries is also not bad. I think that if the US present increases fund in the quality of US education continues, then US living standards will increases.

“As I said, your mother must regard your education as a high priority to give you good education and an Internet access Kamala. Although it is an additional expense for her, it is an extremely worthwhile educational tool. You can learn about every subject through the school. However, I find that books are necessary to supplement the Internet at present because they cover each subject more thoroughly. However, some day, books will be obsoleted as the Internet becomes more thorough and as students around the world have computers and Internet access,” he stated.

Children are easily educated by their parents and neighbors as in the past in the US. Pieniaszek said “that’s a hereditary survival skill, i.e, think and do like the people around you and your chances are better of staying and procreating education. If the parents are educated, usually likewise their kids especially if the educators come from the same community and share the same beliefs. Then there are the schools who teach the maths and science, humanities while the kids are young. It is an impressive system. However, in the US, the schools have money and they are organized. They have determined that the kids are believing in an education taught in the high schools and college schools. It’s a good opportunities to the parents and the leaders.

How can educators and scientists in a democracy wage employment to protect their liberal methods. I say, we fight back in the classroom, in the courtroom and across the Internet (e.g., this forum) with time. Fortunately by my values, the environmental influences seem to be spreading generally around the world, in part caused by more education of worldwide communications, both visual and aural that shows more of the similarities than differences in behavior,” he added.

Journalist and Story Writer Kamala Sarup is specialising in in-depth reporting and writing on Peace, Anti War, Women, Terrorism, Democracy, and Development. Some of her publications are: Empowerment in South Asia, Nepal (Booklet). Prevention of trafficking in women through media,(Book) Efforts to Prevent Trafficking in for Media Activism (Media research). Two Stories collections.