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National heritage day honors American Indians

November 28, 2008

For the first time, federal legislation has set aside the day after Thanksgiving — for this year only — to honor the contributions American Indians have made to the United States.

Frank Suniga, a descendent of Mescalero Apache Indians who lives in Oregon, said he and others began pushing in 2001 for a national day that recognizes tribal heritage.

By MARY HUDETZ, Associated Press Writer

Suniga, 79, proposed his idea to a cultural committee that is part of the Portland-based Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians. The organization took on the cause of a commemorative day, as did the National Congress of American Indians and other groups.

Congress passed legislation this year designating the day as Native American Heritage Day, and President George W. Bush signed it last month.

The measure notes that more Americans Indians than any other group, per capita, serve in the U.S. military. It also cites tribes’ artistic, musical and agricultural contributions.

“The Indians kept the Pilgrims alive with turkeys and wild game,” Suniga said. “That’s the reason it was attached to the Thanksgiving weekend.”

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Lawyer and Lt. Col. Rufus W. Johnson Dies at 96, Once Assisted FDR

July 10, 2007

By Patrick Sullivan 
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, July 10, 2007; Page B06

Rufus Johnson liked to say he had two memorable moments in his life.

“I spilled soup on a president and didn’t get fired, and I kicked a general in the rear and didn’t get court-martialed,” the former White House butler, Army lieutenant colonel and lawyer would tell visitors, with slight exaggeration.

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