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Rehab Renegade: Amy Winehouse

April 25, 2008

By John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom

Almost anybody who has a tendency toward addiction can wind up in a court ordered rehabilitation or “rehab” treatment facility.

Case in point: Grammy winning singer Amy Winehouse.

She was admitted to the Capio Nightingale clinic in north London on January 24, days after a video emerged showing her apparently smoking crack cocaine.
Above: Amy Winehouse in better days. 

In today’s news: she was arrested on suspicion of assault in London after a wild night out.

London’s legendary tabloids quoted a man as saying Ms. Winehouse hit him when he interrupted her game of pool in a bar. Then she apparently head-butted a second man who was trying to get her into a cab and headed out of the neighborhood. All this in the wee hours of Wednesday.
The once beautiful and compelling performer is now performing not on stage but in an entirely new venue: the stage of international interest in those afflicted with addiction.
British singer Amy Winehouse arrives at a police station in ... 
Winehouse under arrest in London, April 25, 2008.

Her bizarre behavior over a protracted time can hardly be interpreted any other way – as London judges can attest.

Ms. Winehouse and her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, were arrested in the Norwegian city of Bergen in October and held overnight on charges of drug possession. A video of her allegedly smoking crack with her husband appeared on the Internet shortly before she won five Grammys this year for her critically acclaimed album “Back to Black.”

Her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, was also accused of assault last year for hitting a bartender but the charges were dropped.
Troubled soul singer Amy Winehouse, pictured on January 18, ... 
Troubled soul singer Amy Winehouse, pictured on January 18, 2007 was admitted that week to a rehabilitation clinic to help her battle against drug addiction, her record company said.(AFP/Shaun Curry)


Christmas: Birth and Rebirth

December 25, 2007

By John E. Carey
Peace and Freedom
December 25, 2007

Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas. But in our real lives, what we see is sometimes not so blessed and sacred.

But then again, no.

I am fascinated by the “second chances” life (and God) gives to us. I know people who can recount so many second chances that they are tempted to declare they may actually be on their third or fourth chance!

Nadine is a stripper and prostitute. She has been at it for many years – and she would be a wealthy lady if she hadn’t squandered what she made on drugs and alcohol. She is scheduled for her third “boob job” but even casual observers can see; her body is mostly saggy, old and tired now. She may have to learn a new trade.

She told me the week before Christmas, “I am beginning to truly love God. He has never forsaken me despite my awful behavior.”

That’s a pretty good guy and a great God!

That’s my God too!

I recently met Peter at the airport. He said he wanted to stop drinking alcohol and get drugs out of his life.

As he deplaned, I could see in his face his own disappointment with the life he had been leading. Peter’s face speaks loudly of his agony, fatalism and addiction. He looks like he has been tortured – and he has. He has lost his wife, his business is near collapse and his eight year old daughter urged him to quit. He is here for detoxification and recovery.

Michael is an alcoholic who suffers from diabetes who has been told by his doctors that he will be blind before long. Michael was practically a national hero, some years ago. He held a world record in his athletic specialty and a gold medal from the Olympics.

Today he suffers the agony of addiction and participates in daily AA meetings: sessions he calls his “lifeline.”

Christmas to be celebrates God’s birth as man – but it is also a sign of our own human rebirth and salvation. Whatever we have done, whatever crimes we have committed, god understands because he was born man himself. Moreover, I believe that God is all forgiving. The bible tells me so.

So Merry Christmas to all near and far, no matter your faith, no matter your country or your beliefs. It is my firm commitment that the “Higher Power” loves, cherishes and forgives us ever evil.

Especially at Christmas time.