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Obama’s Best Cabinet Line Up: Governing for The Future of America

November 11, 2008

If there is a single appointment Barack Obama could make to signal how dramatically things will change in Washington, it would be to name Albert Gore Jr. — former House member, former senator, former vice president, former presidential nominee and current Custodian of the Planet — as secretary of state. For all the other aspirants to the job, sorry — this is an inconvenient truth.

Can you imagine a bolder statement about a new direction when it comes to global warming and the general care of our abused planet? Gore has won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in this area (and an Oscar, to boot), and his appointment would signal a dramatic shift from the indifference of the Bush era with its cold shoulder to the Kyoto treaty. In one stroke, the United States would emerge as the leader of nations in the effort to save the planet from ourselves — and could prepare for the consequences of a changed world.

The new president’s urgent priority has to be the economy. He has no other choice. But given that Obama has no foreign policy background, he needs a secretary of state who can really run the nation’s foreign affairs while the attention of the White House is largely directed elsewhere. Others are capable of handling the job, including, of course, Sen. John Kerry, who is being mentioned. But Gore has as much experience and something else as well — he was right on the Persian Gulf War (voted yes) and right on the Iraq war (like Obama, he opposed it from the start).

By Richard Cohen
The Washington Post

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Bali climate talks enter final day

December 14, 2007

By CHARLES J. HANLEY, AP Special Correspondent

BALI, Indonesia – The U.S. and Europe headed toward a compromise Friday at the U.N. climate conference, breaking a deadlock over how ambitious the goal should be in negotiating future cutbacks in global warming gases, officials said.

Delegates for days had sparred over the wording of the conference’s main document, particularly the European Union‘s suggestion of a goal of reducing emissions by between 25 and 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2020.

In this photo provided by  New York City's Mayor Bloomberg's ...
Al Gore and New York Mayor Bloomberg in Bali.

Trying to break the deadlock, Indonesian Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar — the conference president — proposed revised language early Friday dropping those mid-range numbers but still reaffirming that emissions should be reduced at least by half by 2050.

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Global Warming & The U.S. Senate

October 23, 2007

GOP Sen. James Inhofe, ranking member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, faulted Democratic Chairwoman Barbara Boxer’s leadership of the committee this morning in the most recent of a series of attacks on her handling of global warming legislation.

At a hearing on human health effects of global warming, Inhofe implied that she was distracting members with studies of what might happen from global warming rather than focusing on “what will happen if we legislate global warming.” Inhofe believes that any mandatory cap on greenhouse gas emissions will bear too great a cost for the economy for too little benefit.

The Oklahoma senator noted, “As of October 23, we have not had a single legislative hearing on any of the major bills.” At a much anticipated subcommittee hearing tomorrow [October 24], Sens. Joe Lieberman and John Warner will unveil their bipartisan cap-and-trade program, but Inhofe complained that the hearings process is giving analysis of the bill short shrift. A markup of the bill is likely to occur next week.

“There has been no time to analyze the text of this bill, or for members of the committee to obtain input from stakeholders concerned about how the bill will impact them,” said Inhofe, “or for economists to model its impacts on the competitiveness of the American economy.”

—Bret Schulte
U.S. News and World Report

Al Gore
Al Gore
Al Gore in 1994.
He has since become the
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