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Adopting Children From Vietnam Becomes Struggle

February 8, 2008

Sharon Chin, Reporting

ALAMEDA (CBS 5) ― Cheers and tears for George and Monica DiGioacchino and their nine-month-old son adopted from Vietnam. They arrived at San Francisco International Airport this week. At times they wondered if they would ever bring Patrick home.

“I’m very happy to come back with the rest of my family and start our life here,” George DiGioacchino said.

The Alameda couple legally adopted Patrick in Vietnam last October. But the American government refused to grant him a visa to come home.

“You’re panicking. And at that point, he’s very much your son,” Monica DiGioacchino said.

The couple got help from an immigration attorney and Senator Barbara Boxer’s office.

Immigration attorney Lynda Zengerle said, “Our adoption parents were told ‘If you just take your baby back to the orphanage and relinquish it there, give it up, kind of like taking a sweater back…'”

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