Peace and Freedom II

We are in our second year bringing to the public information on human rights, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, China and other areas of international interests.  We have concentrated on terrorism, freedom fighters, free trade, human rights and the United Nations.  We also advocate for a better understanding of American and world history, American education and American values. 

We look forward to serving you.

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2 Responses to “Peace and Freedom II”

  1. European Missile Defense: Assessing Iran’s ICBM Capabilities « Peace and Freedom II Says:

    […] Iran initially sought ballistic missiles during its war with Iraq, when hundreds of Iraqi missiles struck Iranian cities. Tehran’s missile program then developed in several phases. From the mid-1980s to mid-1990s, Iran purchased 300-kilometer-range Scud-B and 600-kilometer-range Scud-C missiles from North Korea, and it also indigenously assembled and built Scuds. Then Iran developed the single-stage, liquid-fuel Shahab-3 missile. This approximately 16-metric-ton missile has a range of 1,300 kilometers with a 750-kilogram payload and is derived from North Korea’s Nodong missile. The Shahab-3 was first flight-tested in July 1998 and reportedly completed its development test series after its sixth flight in July 2003.[2] […]

  2. bieksia Says:

    Peace and Freedom II is a treasure trove of interesting acticles and

    After taking a quick glance at the wide variety of topics listed here I fear that I may not live long enough to read each one!

    Mr. Carey, SIR, as a veteran servicemember of the armed forces I am reminded of being told that we salute the ‘uniform and what it represents’.

    Mr. Carey,SIR, It is obvious to this former enlisted man that you have continued your service to our great nation long after your deecission to retire your comission!

    Mr. Carey, I salute you sir.

    With respect and admiration,


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