Mumbai Terror Attack: Why Wasn’t Intelligence Better?

It is the big question: Could more have been done to prevent the Mumbai massacre?

While terrorism experts say Indian special forces performed with remarkable bravery and professionalism in their battle with the terrorists, they believe the attacks should — and could — have been thwarted by better intelligence.

Professor Paul Wilkinson lectures in international relations at the University of St. Andrews and is joint editor of the academic journal Terrorism and Political Violence.

SKY News (UK)

He told Sky News: “We have to accept there was an intelligence failure. They should have nipped this in the bud but it wasn’t on their radar. Intelligence doesn’t come out of this very well. This was a major operation with lots of people involved. It wasn’t just a cell; there were teams of gunmen — lots of well trained people. A large number of people must have been in the know about this attack.”

Former SAS trooper Robin Horsfall, who took part in the storming of the Iranian embassy in 1980, also believes the international intelligence community should have known the attacks were being planned.

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Indian soldiers take cover during a military operation at the ... 
Indian soldiers take cover during a military operation at the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai. Commandos Saturday killed the last remaining gunmen in Mumbai’s Taj hotel to end a devastating attack by Islamic militants on India’s financial capital that left 195 dead, including 27 foreigners.(AFP/Pedro Ugarte)

3 Responses to “Mumbai Terror Attack: Why Wasn’t Intelligence Better?”

  1. heatofitall Says:

    Just a thought on intelligence. Perhaps some of the intelligence agencies did indeed know about this attack before hand.

    It’s not like they have infiltrated the media, have been running global drug operations, training secret armies and deathsquads, deposing democratically elected government or are involved in mass murder and public deception in the name of capitalism and control.

    Its not like some shady characters are itching to start a fight in georgia, iran, pakistan, somalia, syria or india.

    Just a thought on intelligence.

  2. Gururaj B.N. Says:

    Our intelligence apparatus has been castrated by the political leadership. Either the intelligence is ignored, or is used for political one upmanship. Where intelligence agencies take decisive action, later on they are harrassed at the instance of human rights organisations for alleged violation of human rights of terrorists, as though victims have no right to live safely. Over a period of time, it would seem that our security agencies and counter-intelligence have become cynical about doing their job. Why do the job and get blamed?

  3. heatofitall Says:

    What a crazy world!

    I know that there are people in the intelligence community that are looking out for their ‘own’, whoever their own maybe. I also do not doubt the ability of ‘terrorists’ to carry out their disgusting acts of death and destruction… However, I am still very skeptical of ‘intelligence’ precisely because they do take ‘decisive action’ (sorry I keep using quotes).

    Though, I don’t think anyone, even the people within these anti-democratic secret circles, really know what actions and information are real, accurate or the deciding factor in our extremely complex global society.

    It will probably take a long time for anyone to really make sense of these attacks and find out who was really behind them, what the motives were and who benefited. For example, it maybe in US strategic interest to have Pakistan squaring off against India (with the ever present, but hopefully unlikely prospect of nuclear conflict) while they continue to invade the Northwest Territories of P-stan in search of that elusive figure bin Laden (trained by and or created by the CIA). As a ‘westerner’, and someone that is becoming increasingly aware of the outrageous levels of propaganda and thought control used by governments to benefit the chosen few, I am very critical of anything that comes out in the news.

    Just read into the events of Sept 11th a bit more (if you haven’t already)… Question, question, question. Demand peace and accountability– promote it yourself– look for the numerous examples of people trying to heal the world as opposed to destroy it for fleeting pleasures. Peace or pieces, its up to us.

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