Iran Test-Fires New Missile Near Iraq Border

Iran successfully test fired a new missile Monday in a fresh effort to enhance the country’s military might, Iran’s Fars News Agency reported.

The Samen missile, which was reportedly designed and manufactured in Iran, was shot during an Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps drill in the border city of Marivan, Kurdistan, Fars reported. No other information on the missile was immediately available.

From Fox News

While Iran claims that its ballistic missiles — which can strike targets more than 1,200 miles away — are for defensive purposes, Tehran has warned that it would strike American bases in the Middle East in the event of an attack from the U.S. or Israel.

But Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Friday that Tel Aviv is “convinced that Iran continues to try to build a nuclear weapon,” according to Fars.

Iran Ties Ballistic Missile Test To U.S. Navy Missile Defense Test

Read the rest and link to Fars:,2933,450144,00.html


3 Responses to “Iran Test-Fires New Missile Near Iraq Border”

  1. patriots99 Says:

    I enjoy contributing and pursuing the liberty, peace, health and prosperity of our great nation. Please blog me at

  2. goodtimepolitics Says:

    Before its all over with Israel will have to take out Iran’s nukes! I don’t think Obama will!

  3. H. Maryam Says:

    *scratches her head*
    I suppose all the nuclear weapons on earth are dangerous, except those which belong to the U.S.A., Israel & close allies (oh, I know it doesn’t have them officially, but…).

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