Iran: In Infamous Torture Prison is American Studying Women’s Rights

Iranian-U.S. student Esha Momeni, who has been held behind bars in Tehran since mid-October, is accused of a security offense in the Islamic republic, the judiciary spokesman said Tuesday.


“Her accusation is an offense against (national) security. Her file is at the preliminary stage of investigation,” Alireza Jamshidi said at a weekly press briefing.

He said Momeni was being held at Tehran’s Evin prison.

Last month, her lawyer Mohammad Ali Dadkhah told AFP that she was arrested on Oct. 15 for her involvement with a women’s rights equality campaign.

Momeni, a graduate student at the Northridge campus of California State University, had traveled to Iran to carry out research for her thesis on women’s rights, the lawyer said.

He said she holds both Iranian and U.S. nationality.

Over the past year Iran has arrested several women involved with a One- Million-Signature campaign, launched two years ago to call for changes to Iranian laws deemed discriminatory to women.

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Tehran skyline may 2007.jpg
Skyline of Tehran, Iran


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