Luck, Superstition and The Presidential Election

Barack Obama’s Grandmother has died and we mourn her loss and pray for her peaceful repose.

But this is not lucky.

Barack Obama will win Tuesday’s election and be the next president.

But my Asian American family members all responded the same way to the news of the death of Brack’s Grandmother: this is not lucky.  In fact; this is an ill wind like a curse.

I assured them again that Barack would be the next President of the United States.

“Even worse,” said one.  “Bad luck then covers America.”

I put my lucky ACORNs in my pocket….

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama wipes away tears ...
Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama wipes away tears while speaking about his grandmother during a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina. Americans vote in an election of rare historic potential Tuesday with front-running Democrat Barack Obama seeking to become the first black president and Republican John McCain hoping for a poll-defying comeback.(AFP/Getty Images/Joe Raedle)

By Campbell Brown

On the eve of the election, the campaigns are relying on their lucky charms. That was the gist of a story on Monday.

Did you know there are 20 guys in Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama’s Ohio office who haven’t shaved since Obama pulled ahead of Republican candidate Sen. John McCain in that state?

Or that there is a McCain aide who wears only his pair of socks that have the palm trees on them? McCain fan Sen. Joe Lieberman is sporting his lucky sweater, while an Obama press secretary is putting on her lucky cowboy boots.

So far, it is reported, thank goodness, that no one has outdone James Carville and his decision to wear the same pair of underwear for an extended time when Bill Clinton’s poll numbers started going up. Watch Campbell Brown’s take on lucky charms

The candidates themselves are hardly immune to superstition.

Read it all and see the video:

Acorns in Scotland.jpg


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