Obama Says Election ‘Vindicated’ His Faith in America

I have never had any doubt about the goodness, in fact the greatness, of America and the American people.  Maybe this is because I seved in the U.S. armed forces even while Barack Obama was in High School, at Harvard, and writing a book about himself while he was getting a free office and computer from university.

Mr. Obama has said in his speeches that his faith in America and the American people has been ‘vindicated’ by this election.

Webster’s dictionary says the word “vindicate” mean to “to free from allegation or blame; to confirm; to substantiate; to provide justification or defense for.”

So when exactly did Barack Obama have no regard for America and Americans?  You see, to “vindicate” is to return to luster something already lost or tarnished.

Certainly, a graduate of Harvard Law School knows the power of words: especially a great orator like Barack Obama.

Did Barack have no regard for America during Michelle’s period of no regard for America?  Because, as I recall, she said something like this: “I never before had faith in America until this election.”

As John McCain has said in some of his campaign speeches, “I have never had any lack of faith in America or Americans.”

–John E. Carey
Wakefield Chapel, Virginia
USMC War Memorial Sunset Parade 2008-07-08.jpg

Above: USS Ronald Reagan

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