President-elect won’t have much time to celebrate

The new president elect, starting next Wednesday, has to put his team into place and establish policy on a host of tricky economic and foreign policy issues.  The days of the campaign stump speech and soundbite are quickly running out….

From CNN

Trailing in the polls, Sen. John McCain will travel to seven states in one day as his presidential campaign enters its final hours, the Republican nominee’s campaign manager announced Friday.

McCain will campaign in seven cities Monday, just one day before Election Day, Rick Davis said. The final list of cities has not been finalized, Davis said.

McCain and the Republican Party expect to outspend his Democratic rival, Sen. Barack Obama, by $10 million in the closing days of the campaign, Davis said.

The Republican nominee will not spend all of his final weekend campaigning on serious matters. McCain plans to make an appearance on “Saturday Night Live.” He has appeared on the show before, but this weekend will be his first appearance this year.

Polls show that McCain is trailing Obama going into the final weekend of campaigning. A CNN poll of polls calculated Wednesday has Obama leading McCain 50 percent to 43 percent, with 7 percent unsure. The poll of polls is an average of eight national surveys.

In a sign that the Democrats were not going to sit on their lead, the Obama campaign announced Friday that it would begin airing ads in McCain’s home state of Arizona.

CNN spoke to world affairs expert and author Fareed Zakaria about what the first order of business will be for whomever wins next week’s election.

CNN: What will a president-elect do in the days following the election?

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Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Zakaria says the president-elect won’t have much time to celebrate his victory.


3 Responses to “President-elect won’t have much time to celebrate”

  1. indianjuan Says:

    Why has Obama written 2 books and not mention his mother also he only seen his father 1day-1week and mentions him a lot.
    Why hasn’t Obama relatives that he’s related to come to his events, like his Zeituni Onyango, 56, referred to as “Aunti Zeituni” in Obama’s memoir, and is an Illegal here in the U.S.
    Why has Obama told the Universities he has attended not to release any information or documents about him?
    Does he anything to hide?
    I would thing that someone would be proud to show what they did while they were at a University and also show what they contributed to society etc while they were there.
    Please listen to this tape at this link:

  2. indianjuan Says:

  3. Hannah Stevens Says:

    I just hope and pray that we get it right this time. Especially since we didn’t the last two elections. It seems that people vote for their candidate for all sorts of reasons and most of them are not rational. Interviewing one woman on the news last evening, she was an undecided but was swayed by the Biden/Palin debate when Joe Biden teared up talking about family. If we could just get our emotions out of the way. If we could just get all of the flak the candidates are throwing at us out of the way and address the facts. And here they are;

    McCain is a military man and leans toward war as opposed to diplomacy or negotiating. He wants to stay in Iraq until we win (what is winning?) and keep the money flowing there. He is against equal pay for women and freedom of choice. He wants to continue the bush tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations hoping that will create jobs (it hasn’t in the last 8 years). McCain is for deregulation, the reason we are in the economic mess today. He has run a very dysfunctional, divisive campaign and selected a VP after only meeting her twice one who is far to the right in her politics, and could become president given his age and health. And McCain has a terrible temper and is disrespectful to many including his wife, whom he married after he dumped his disabled wife upon coming back to the states from Viet Nam. And this is just an overview.

    Barrack Obama wants to get us out of Iraq as soon as possible (10 billion a month for this war). He wants to lower taxes for for those making less then 250 K, which would put more money in the hands of the middle class to that they could have more purchasing power to buy the goods that would then spur companies to create jobs. He is pro choice, pro equal pay for women. He has run a suburb campaign with a steady hand and has an even temperament and thinks through problems instead of shooting from the hip as McCain does. And he wants to bring America together. He selected a seasoned VP who understands foreign policy and could take over if need be and run this country. And Barrack is a fine loving family man who respects his wife and is devoted to his children.

    The choice is so clear.

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