Reasons to Vote for McCain

Though I cannot recall ever endorsing a presidential candidate I am going to do so in this column. In this, I am following the lead of the dean of conservative columnists, the excellent Charles Krauthammer. Last week he endorsed Sen. John McCain. Count me for Mr. McCain too.

From R. Emmitt Terrell
The Washington Times

Our country is at war with terrorists. It faces a grave financial crisis. On both issues, Mr. McCain is infinitely more experienced than his opponent, Sen. Barack Obama. Perhaps it is because Mr. McCain is a retired naval officer and a gentleman, but he remains disappointingly reticent about his personal achievements.

Sure, he modestly declares that throughout his adult life he has never flinched from answering his country’s call, but there is much more to his life’s accomplishment than that.

I wish he had allowed his campaign to air more of the videos showing him in that cruel North Vietnamese prison. And there is also footage of his leaping out of a burning fighter on the deck of an aircraft carrier, the back of his flight suit aflame. People who have seen these videos have understood that Mr. McCain’s commitment to duty is more substantial than the inflated claims of the average campaigning pol.

Mr. McCain might have made more of the fact he rebuilt his broken body after being tortured in prison, defied pessimistic medical prognostications, and flew combat aircraft again. Then he took command of the Navy’s largest air squadron, which he revived to flight readiness. That is an act of executive prowess no one in this presidential race can claim.

Republican presidential nominee John McCain addresses a campaign ... 
Republican presidential nominee John McCain addresses a campaign rally in Ohio. Democrat Barack Obama and McCain take their White House duel deep into the American heartland Friday in a final push for votes ahead of next week’s historic election.(AFP/Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla)

Next, he became naval liaison to the Senate and helped rebuild the American military by working with senators on both sides of the aisle. As a congressman and a senator, he has continued this sort of bipartisan reform. Some of the reforms I have opposed, but no other candidate in this race has his record of constructive legislation and leadership.

In the area of national security, he has demonstrated he knows things that Mr. Obama, a novice with but four years on the national stage, can only imagine. Mr. McCain knew the surge in Iraq would work, and he had the grit to support it when few would. Once again he was putting his country before his own political ambitions.

Nonetheless, Mr. McCain is no soft touch for the military. Over the years, he has demanded efficiency and economy at the Pentagon and throughout the federal budget. Now in a time of financial crisis he has opted for a proven strategy for economic recovery: low taxes, free trade and budgetary prudence.

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