Cindy McCain Replies to Ugly Media Attacks

(CNN) — Cindy McCain, wife of Republican presidential candidate John McCain, decried the “viciousness of the media” Monday, days after the New York Times ran a front page story detailing her troubled history with prescription drugs and difficulty fitting into Washington social circles.

Cindy McCain, wife of Republican presidential candidate Sen. ... 

In an interview with Fox news that aired Monday night, Mrs. McCain said she thought the biggest difference between her husband’s first presidential run eight years ago and his campaign this year was the media’s attitude toward the Arizona senator’s candidacy.

“What has really stunned me is the — quite honestly, is the kind of viciousness of the media on occasion,” Mrs. McCain said. “In 2000 — there’s certainly always been, you know, differences, and the — you know, the things that occur. But this has taken on a different tenor. And I don’t know why and what’s caused that, and I’m sorry for it because I think it turns a lot of young people off.”

Cindy McCain’s comments come a week after she accused Obama of waging the “dirtiest campaign” in U.S. history. On Monday, she also addressed the lengthy New York Times story directly, saying she has no plans to read it and has since received several messages of support.

“I did not read it, no. I did not read it, and I have no intention of reading it,” she said. “My BlackBerry was loaded with friends the next morning saying, ‘I cannot believe this, you know? I’m sorry for you and all this.’”

The article drew a sharp response from the McCain campaign, which called it a “barrage of petty and personal attacks,” and said the New York Times reporters “employed tactics that are obviously unprofessional and almost certainly unethical” in researching the story.

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