Obama’s Standing Against American Workers, ‘Joe the Plumber’ Resonates With Tax Paying, Working, Blue Collar Americans

Sorry, Barack: you are now known and you are a loser.

Barack Obama has shown his distain for American Workers — and they noticed.

Joe the Plumber is a regular guy — and when he asked about the Obama Tax Plan ‘Barack the Messiah’ told him he’d have to give up a portion of his work wages to people that don’t work at all — and that this was good for everyone.

Joe didn’t buy it.

Plumber Joe Wurzelbacher speaks to the media on October 16, ...

Me neither.

So Mr. Obama, thanks for sending out ‘Joe Biden the Idiot’ and a host of surrogates who are now attacking Joe the Plumber and all he stands for.

US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama waves during ...
Above: Barack Obama, who has looked the fool without a teleprompter, is seen here with telepromper help…..But his distain for the American Worker is Now On The Table….

Barack: You have shown who you really are!

Barack:  Joe the Plumber stands for all Workers in America, Dude.  Workers who are tired — and they pay their taxes. 

You, Barack, apparently stand for people without jobs.  And you want to give them our money.

No Way Barack!  No way in Hell my friend…..

Go figure!

Supporter holding a placard with his name and profession waits ...
Supporter holding a placard with his name and profession waits for US Republican presidential candidate John McCain to arrive at a rally in Woodbridge, Virginia. McCain blasted Democratic rival Barack Obama, again citing the example of “Joe the Plumber” to claim that small businesses would suffer from increased taxes under the Democrat’s economic plan.(AFP/Nicholas Kamm)

Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. ... 
Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. holds up a t-shirt that was handed to him at the end of a rally in Melbourne, Fla., Friday, Oct. 17, 2008.(AP Photo/John Raoux)

By GLEN JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer

Above: A Plumber sent this to us…








One Response to “Obama’s Standing Against American Workers, ‘Joe the Plumber’ Resonates With Tax Paying, Working, Blue Collar Americans”

  1. ss Says:

    Sorry to say, I just don’t buy the fake indignation. If you make over $250K/year you are a) basically rich for starters and b) not going to feel a 3% incremental tax hike on the money over $250K you earn. How do I know? I’ve been there. The idea that this represents middle America or the average American is disingenuous. Forget Joe for a moment, the issue is just BS. Do you think all the GM and Chrysler workers about to be laid off are going to care about the incremental tax rate on those making $250K? I don’t think so.

    This whole issue has nothing to do with the American worker in reality. The average household income in the US is $50K. This is merely a last gasp attempt by one campaign to steer attention away from the economic disaster on the horizon.

    Now back to Joe, my comment is simply this: “If you’re going to play with the big boys prepare to get hit.” This guy stepped out on the National stage after the debate and opened his mouth in the middle of the most divisive election in American history. Guess what, he got hit. His story didn’t add up — something he had to know from day 1. It turns out he’s better off under the Obama plan. The business he works for doesn’t make that much money for his question to even be an issue. It’s just BS and that’s what the media is calling him on.

    What a surprise…

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