Joe Biden, Because He Has No Integrity, Demeans Himself By Attacking Joe the Plumber

I have never had any respect and admiration for Joe Biden.  Now I have less.

Oh, he has my genuine sympathy.  But respect?


I went to the Congress about a year before Joe Biden.  I was a lowly staff member working for a member of the House of Representatives. Less that a year after Joe Biden arrived I was outside a meeting room filled with Senators and House members.  Biden and several staffers arrived late.  After Biden went into the meeting, his employees commenced to tell stories about how stupid their boss was for about an hour.

I left in disgust.  Before that I thought all senators were special.

No more.

Democratic vice presidential candidate, Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., ...
Above: Joe Biden hides behind the Obama mantra of “Change.”  But he’s been a Senator from Delaware for some 35 years.  He claims he is a blue collar guy from Scranton, Pa., but he has a multi-million dollar house near his Mom’s in Delaware.  Here he speaks during a campaign rally in Henderson, Nev. on Friday, Oct. 17, 2008.(AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)

You’ve witnessed some of Joe Biden at his normal, usual, incredible greatness since Barack Obama thought he needed someone smarter than himself on foreign policy.  You saw, “I have a three letter word for what’s important to Americans! J-O-B-S.”

That’s classic Joe Biden.  He also asked a state legislator who happens to be a paraplegic to “Stand up and take a bow!”

That’s Joe Biden.

But I never really had animosity toward Joe Biden until now.  Before this he only amused me and gained pity and laughter.  Now I have some distain for the man.

Joe Biden decided to pontificate on the issue of abortion at about the time of the Democratic National Convention.  He seemed to be telling Catholics that abortion was OK and his Church was confused.

Pontificating should be left to the Pontiff, Joe.

In fact, Mr. Biden (along with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi)  was confused about abortion and Catholic Church teaching.  Both earned repremands from multiple members of the Church hierarachy.

Did you see Joe Biden at the Catholic Charities dinner hosted by Cardinal Edward Egan last night?  John McCain and Barack Obama were welcome.  Joe Biden wasn’t welcome.  Why?  Because Joe Biden defies Catholic Church law and teaches his own version of Catholic Doctrine.

Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., ...
Above: Where’s Joe Biden? Not welcome.  Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., left, Cardinal Edward Egan, center, and Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., laugh during the Alfred E. Smith Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, Thursday, Oct. 16, 2008.(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Biden, it seems, will do just about anything to get himself and Barack Obama elected to higher office.  Biden has forgotten that in politics, and in life, there is a “high road.”  Joe Bien has forgotten what “integrity” means.

So Biden has chosen the low road.

Case in point: Joe the Plumber. 

Joe the Plumber is a regular guy.  Joe the Plumber isn’t a perfect messenger and I love that.  He brought to the fore issues about Barack Obama’s economic and tax plan.

Joe Biden is all over Joe the Plumber like a dirty shirt.  Biden has pointed out that the Plumber lacks a plumbing license, might have a tax lien against him and maybe doesn’t even vote.

Who cares?  Joe the Plumber still got Obama to say what he really believes in: redistributing wealth from those that earn to those that don’t.

On Thursday Joe Biden went to NBC, which is clearly “in the tank” for Obama and not at all impartial, having lost all journalistic integrity, just to trash Joe the Plumber.  Biden opened the day on the “Today Show” and closed the day with Jay Leno.  Trashing Joe the Plumber all the way.

Host Jay Leno, right, and Democratic vice presidential candidate ...
Above: Host Jay Leno, right, and Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., talk during the taping of ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’ at the NBC Studios in Burbank, Calif., Thursday, Oct. 16, 2008. Biden apparently went on Leno’s show just to attack Joe the Plumber…..(AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

Biden was trying maybe to kill the messenger and by discrediting him, hoping we’ll all forget about his point: that Obama’s tax and economic plan is socialism that makes no sense to Americans earning a living.

Joe Biden: going after Mister Average should be beneath you.  You should be on the High Road.  But you’re not.

I have more respect for Joe the Plumber than Joe the Jerk Biden.  Any day.


A few after thoughts:

1.  My Dad used to say, “You need a license to drive but not to say stupid things….”

2.  When I called my Vietnamese-born wife (she voted for the first time as a U.S. citizen four years ago) and said, “Joe Biden says Joe the Plumber doesn’t have a license so we shouldn’t believe him,” she responded, “Oh, PLEASE!”


Above: A Plumber sent this to us…


8 Responses to “Joe Biden, Because He Has No Integrity, Demeans Himself By Attacking Joe the Plumber”

  1. pj Says:

    Joe Biden may not be the best or brightest Senator but he does his job: misdirecting the conversation away from Obama’s answer to the character of the questioner. It is the same strategy used to deflect public scrutiny from Obama’s associations, change the subject. Biden goes further, saying that since the questioner did not reveal every detail of his biography before asking the question, the question itself is invalid. Does that sound like something we’ve heard before? How about Obama’s contention that he never worked or trained people for ACORN? In legalese that is a true statement. In the real world the fact that he did those things for an ACORN subsidiary does not invalidate the original allegation. So it goes with Joe the Plumber. His failure to disclose all pertinent facts about his life make an imperfect interrogator, ineligible to ask a question or receive an answer from the great one thereby invalidating Obama’s answer. That’s what Joe Biden is selling. I’m not buying.

  2. Cat Callahan Says:

    Eight years of Bush and look! Four thousand dead and counting from a war that we were lied to to get into! 700 billion to bail out Wall Street?! Constant war that has turned ALL of our allies against us? Deformed children in the hundreds in both Iraq and Afghanistan born because of Depleted Uranium! And you want to continue with this? You are NUTS!

  3. Right Truth Says:

    Joe Biden Has No Integrity…

    From John E. Carey at Peace and Freedom ’08: Joe Biden, Because He Has No Integrity, Demeans Himself By Attacking Joe the PlumberI have never had any respect and admiration for Joe Biden. Now I have less. Oh, he has……

  4. slickricky9er Says:

    I am absolutely amazed that Biden has the nerve to attack Joe the Plumber and say “the guy doesn’t even have a license!” In this day and age of You Tube and gadgetry, did this dumb tree post of a senator ever think that his comments would get out and offend some hard working blue collar folks? What the hell is this guy thinking? This should really call into question not only his integrity but his judgement. The guy is nothing but an arrogant politician blowhard with no common sense. I would love to have the chance to tell him that to his face.

  5. Cherry Walker Says:

    Obama and Biden and their smear campaign has insulted every red blooded American that is still striving to achieve the American Dream of owning their own business. Every man and woman that works hard and saves money just so their children will have a better future.
    Everyone should send a dollar to Joe the Plumber to show their support.

  6. Bridget Says:

    Whiney Cat: The DEMOCRATS caused the bank failures we see today and the need for bailout by rewriting a mortgage act that therefore REQUIRED banks if they did NOT make these worthless loans — and Barack Obama was one of the lawyers suing for his firm. That said, is it just me but have you noticed how the lefties like Cat above scour the right blogs just to throw their nonsensical tantrums for a lack of factual knowledge. No I am not surprised about Joe the Plumber’s treatment, the left’s paranoia is evidenced here with “Cat” and all the other lefties who scour Right blogs.

  7. Chet Rickner Says:

    Listen to the ridiculous comments made by Biden and then ask yourself how you could support this pompous, self-absorbed individual. I find it utterly disgusting that Biden would even bring up the name of Joe the Plumber, let alone ridicule him with cameras and tape recorders rolling. What does this tell you about this guy’s judgement? Does this guy have even a hint of integrity?


  8. pj Says:

    We can put this issue to bed witth Obama’s own words. Google Naked Emperor News and listen to Obama’s 2001 interview with WBEZ, Chicago NPR. He claims to be a law professor and Constitutional lawyer so he knows what he is saying and fully understands the implications for this nation.

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