Virginia Tech: No Accountability

Two students found dead in a campus dorm.  This had never before occurred.  Not on this campus.  Not at Virginia Tech.

The police “assumed” a domestic dispute was the cause.  The campus remained un-alerted.

My F.B.I. Dad taught me at the age of six: never assume.

An English teacher had a student exhibiting such unusual, some said evil, writing and actions that other students would not come to class.  The teacher alerted the university and nothing happened.

The school sent the student for medical care then never checked to verify his status or condition.  He may have been diagnosed as a threat to the university population yet the school didn’t follow up.

The Virginia Tech study panel that reported to Virginia Governor Tim Kaine yesterday recommended no accountability from anybody following scores of deaths on the campus.

Kaine said the school’s officials had suffered enough without losing their jobs.

That is not the point.

The point is that “we,” the people, have a right to safe, proper, careful, thoughtful leadership and administration.

In Washington DC Republican Senators are recommending that one of their fellows step down for a lack of judgment.

Just a two hour, maybe less, car ride south in Richmond, Virginia, after scored of student deaths on on Virginia state-run college campus, there is zero accountability.

Why?  Why should the president of the university be allowed to retain his job after running a campus with slipshod security, safety, and human services?

We have written about this several times in the past and ask readers to think this through, read more and comment.

John E. Carey
August 30, 2007

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2 Responses to “Virginia Tech: No Accountability”

  1. Natasha Says:

    As a student at Virginia Tech who was on campus during the shootings, I do not place blame on any of the administration, including President Steger. It is easy for outsiders to want to hold someone accountable for this tragedy, but 99% of the Virginia Tech community does not want to see any of our admins fired. This is something so terrible, no one could have foreseen or imagined it. True, a warning might have been nice, but it also might have also caused widespread panic. Also, if classes were cancelled that day, Cho could have opened fire from a window or roof on random people walking by. The bottom line is that this guy was set on taking lives, and could have done that whether classes were in session or not. It is easy to look back in retrospect at what should have been done, but until you are in that situation, you will never know what it is like. Our administrators deserve some compassion.

  2. Leadership, Accountability and the Media « Peace and Freedom II Says:

    […] Virginia Tech: No Accountability […]

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